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'refusal ripped off' for me to hold a friend to play rough, even ripped off like that, and to see He still do not go to Sanya, which slaughtered enough money in a trip abroad. "Here attached a list of photos. Reporters saw in this list, which is in 2012 at 12:00 on January 27 for the consumer, eight consumers spending a total of 9,746 yuan,louboutin pas cher, the above also says "30 percent off" words. Ironically, the reporter in accordance with its final price of each dish together, this should be the final ledger 9,louis vuitton,246 yuan, 500 yuan for no reason and more calculated. The clearest one is written, "cuttlefish" price, as high as 298 yuan a pound. According to the phone number on the bill,ray ban, a reporter posing as customers call to this canteen (no name on the bill), the phone is reception, when the reporter consulted cuttlefish prices,louis vuitton, he said: "cuttlefish prices change every day, is the current price. "reporter expressed the need to prepare a meal expenses so consult cuttlefish price, he reluctantly said:" Yesterday about one hundred and fifty or sixty dollars a pound bar, but a whole squid was calculated not by pounds orders. "The reporters found online in the food business, seafood fresh cuttlefish recent market quotations of Guangdong at 90 yuan / kg, while the frozen cuttlefish offer only 15-40 yuan / kg range. Reporters contacted friends "black brilliant", the other side has repeatedly stressed: "I can only say that this is true,louboutin, my friend's phone is really inconvenient to tell,toms shoes, please understand." He also said: "My friends say do not want to live to be playing chaos,mulberry outlet, only tell is this list is true. "" Black brilliant "living bill a" drying out ",ray ban pas cher, micro Boma crazy pass up a time to reprint over a thousand. Satirical comments are based, "which are diamond plated seafood!" Yet to the 1st close to 18, the "brilliant black" Suddenly the relevant microblogging deleted. Sanya party secretary Jiang Sixian public apology yesterday,mulberry outlet, said of the "black sheep" of "zero tolerance" Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yan Ying reports: from January 31 Chinese New Year Sanya municipal government for the visitors respond to eat slaughtered event and claimed or chase Select a malicious attacker after February 1, vice governor of Hainan Province, Sanya party secretary Jiang Sixian in the media conference,hogan outlet, said. 1 morning, Jiang Sixian said in an interview that he first day of work was informed from the micro-Bo Flower seafood stall cheating incident, reflected in this year's Spring Festival Golden Week tourists seafood stalls, taxis and several scenic "slaughter off "phenomenon apologized. He said that the existence of a few "black sheep", Sanya municipal government departments have been ordered to thoroughly investigate the matter,mulberry, traffic management, seafood stall, marine entertainment industry event of the "black sheep" of "zero tolerance", once verified, not be tolerated. Jiang Sixian said Sanya City, the next step to perfect the construction of urban infrastructure, strengthening of environmental health management, work tirelessly to peace building. The most important is to improve the quality of tourism services, but also to improve the complaints system as soon as possible,louis vuitton outlet, emergency services telephone line even rational allocation of resources.