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's situation, the boat's parents exclaimed regret. Two years ago, because the boat was small and the parents listen to him taking some ads contain hormone drugs. In the first two years,ray ban pas cher, his height increased very quickly,mulberry outlet, but also grow beard armpit hair,toms shoes, but in the year,mulberry outlet, he's obviously slow down the growth rate,toms outlet, the parents took him to the Hunan Provincial People's Hospital pediatric endocrinology clinic,louis vuitton, bone age film examination by shooting , has found that his bone age was 14.5 years old. Hunan Provincial People's Hospital pediatric endocrinologist Professor Xu Xuanfu said,louis vuitton, "boat is a typical short stature in children, since no standard treatment, abuse of sex hormones,louis vuitton outlet, drugs,louboutin pas cher, symptoms of precocious puberty appeared, boat ahead of epiphyseal closure So not much room for growth. "boat's parents listened,hogan, very sorry,mulberry, after all, the boat a little more than 12 years now. Professor Xu Xuanfu suggests that parents, if that child four centimeters shorter than their peers, or an annual increase of less than 5 cm tall and adolescent children a little longer than 10 cm a year, you should immediately consider the child to the relevant specialist examination. She said: "The treatment of short stature in children, the younger the better. Puberty (about 10-year-old girl, the boy about 12 years old) were treated prior to the most obvious effect. Parents should understand children's growth pattern and observe the child's height growth is within the normal range for early detection of problems and timely medical treatment. "Some parents believe that" children have early long evening long, 20-year-old also jump a jump, "but when that child is not really long height, then to the hospital too late,louboutin, the child may have healed the epiphysis, no long height of. Manuscripts: Red Net Author: Dong Lei Tan Xiaodong