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Our partners at Appistry are doing another free live webinar tomorrow (Nov 7), this time focusing on the differences between versions of GATK. The ultimate point is, of course, to convince any stragglers to upgrade to the latest and greatest major version series (GATK 3.x for those of you following at home) but unlike us, they will actually take the time to explain in detail why this is a winning proposition.

If you have any questions about the differences between versions, be sure to register today and tune in tomorrow, Thursday 7 November at 12 pm EDT. Anyone can join (not just Appistry customers) so don't miss this great learning opportunity. Every question will be answered, either during the live event or by email afterward if they run out of time.

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Our partners at Appistry will be doing a webinar on RNAseq analysis next Thursday. The webinar will include a live presentation of the complete pipeline for RNAseq analysis, as well as question time open to all participants. As usual it's free and open to all, you just need to register at Appistry's website. Check it out!

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Creative minds, your attention please -- our licensing partners, Appistry, are holding a competition! From the Appistry Pipeline Challenge webpage:

The Appistry Pipeline Challenge will reward and support one winning proposal for a creative pipeline that will make a difference in clinical research and precision medicine. We’ll provide the winner with a complete NGS analysis package valued at $70,000 including commercial-grade bioinformatics tools for variant calling and somatic mutation analysis, software and hardware for developing and executing pipelines at scale, and a year’s worth of support so that you can make your idea a reality.

There's more detailed information on the contest webpage of course, and if that doesn't answer all your questions, Appistry is holding a live webinar tomorrow (Thursday 7/24) to give additional details and answer questions.

The deadline for submissions is August 15th, so if you have an idea, better get on it!

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The slides from today's webinar are available as of now in the GSA team Dropbox at this link, and will be on the documentation website shortly.

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Our partners at Appistry are putting on another webinar next week, and this one's going to be pretty special in our view -- because we're going to be doing pretty much all the talking!

Titled "Speed, Cohorts, and RNAseq: An Insider Look into GATK 3" (see that link for the full program), this webinar will be all about the GATK 3 features, of course. And lest you think this is just another marketing pitch (no offense, marketing people), rest assured that we will be diving into the gory technical details of what happens under the hood. This is a great opportunity to get the inside scoop on how the new features (RNAseq, GVCF pipeline etc) work -- all the stuff that's fit to print, but that we haven't had time to write down in the docs yet. So don't miss it if that's the sort of thing that floats your boat! Or if you miss it, be sure to check out the recording afterward.

As usual the webinar is completely free and open to everyone (not just Appistry customers or prospective for-profit users). All you need to do is register now and tune in on Thursday 4/10.

Talk to you then!

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Our commercial partner, Appistry, is announcing a webinar about the tools from the Broad Institute that Appistry distributes. They will review improvements to the GATK in 2013, provide an update on all of the components of Appistry's Cancer Genome Analysis Suite, and introduce ContEst, the newest extension to the CGA Suite. You'll also get a preview of Appistry's plans for delivering new Broad NGS analysis tools in 2014.

You can register for this free webinar, which is open to all (not just current license holders) on Appistry's website.

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Our commercial partner, Appistry, is announcing a webinar on the commercialization of GATK. They will discuss the Broad-Appistry relationship, the current status of the commercial GATK product (including licensing options), and plans for the future (including expansion to other Broad tools, with a focus on cancer research).

You can register for this free webinar, which is open to all (not just current license holders) on Appistry's website.

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Our partner Appistry (who distribute GATK and MuTect to commercial users) will be holding a webinar on 3 October. Registration is open to all; you can find more details on the Appistry website here:


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Heads up, cancer researchers! Appistry (our commercial licensing partner for GATK and now MuTect) is announcing an upcoming webinar on best practices for somatic mutation studies using GATK and MuTect. Registration for the webinar is open to all (not just Appistry customers) so be sure to sign up for this. See the announcement on Appistry's website for more detailed information.

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Our commercial partner, Appistry, is holding a web-based seminar on how to apply GATK Best Practices. This webinar is open to all (even if you're not a customer) so it's a great opportunity to learn about the Best Practices and the latest improvements to the GATK tools.

From Appistry's announcement:

The webinar will include details about how the best practices workflow is enhanced by the advanced functionality for NGS introduced last fall with GATK 2.0 and expanded upon in the latest release of the GATK from Appistry.

Attend this webinar to

  • Discover the optimal workflow for variant calling
  • Determine which GATK tools to use when
  • Learn the differences between the GATK’s two variant calling tools
  • Hear about the latest additions to the GATK

You can find out more and register for this webinar on Appistry's Events page.

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As announced a few months ago, commercial users of the GATK will now be required to purchase a license in order to use the full-version GATK 2 for commercial / for-profit use (while GATK-Lite can still be used for any purpose without a license).

We are now able to give you more details about how this will work: we have selected a company called Appistry to be the exclusive partner who will handle for-profit GATK licensing and support. If you have any questions, please visit their FAQs page, and contact them directly to inquire about pricing or any "special case" scenario you feel may apply to your use of the GATK.

Appistry will launch a discussion forum within the next few days in which you will be able to network with your peers and Appistry staff about the for-profit release of the GATK.

If you would like to discuss why we have made these changes to the licensing model, please see our own discussion thread on licensing and source code models in GATK 2.

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