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For Students

Summer Research Programs
High school students and undergraduates are encouraged to spend their summer pursuing original research under the guidance of a Broad scientist mentor.

MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Broad Institute.

Post-Baccalaureate Program
An innovative, two-year program run jointly by the Broad Diversity Initiative and the Cancer Program, the Broad Cancer Genomic Scholars (BCGS) program offers participants a comprehensive, structured and immersive experience that includes groundbreaking research, academic and career guidance, and advanced skills in scientific communication. The program is designed to position participants competitively for top graduate programs. Participants will carry out research as paid full-time research associates, working side by side with leading scientists within the Broad Cancer Program.

Science Writing and Communications Internship
The Broad Office of Communications offers a paid summer internship designed to provide early-career science writers a comprehensive, mentored experience that touches on many of the major activities of a communications department in an academic research institution.

Broad Scientists in the Classroom

We partner with Cambridge Public Schools to bring Broad scientists into every 8th grade classroom. Working closely with teachers, our scientists develop interactive presentations that make connections between what students are learning in class and the work happening in our community's research labs.