Software and Protocols

Mint-ChIP (low input, multiplexed ChIP-seq)
Mint-ChIP protocol v1 Detailed explanation and example of the protocol used for Mint-ChIP.
Mint-ChIP protocol v2 Further optimized protocol: one PCR stage instead of two, more barcodes, better H3 antibody, other small improvements.
Citation: van Galen P, et al. A multiplexed system for quantitative comparisons of chromatin landscapes. Mol Cell. 2016.


Cursor (track visualization software)
Citation: The ENCODE Project Consortium. An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genome. Nature. 2012.


CRome (software for inferring chromatin regulator function)
Citation: Ram O, Goren A, et al. Combinatorial patterning of chromatin regulators uncovered by genome-wide location analysis in human cells. Cell. 2011.


Proteomic profiling of chromatin modifications (Broad Proteomics Platform)