2008 Research Highlights

Flavian Brown

Flavian Brown, a biology senior at Carleton College, used high throughput small molecule screens in an attempt to find genotype specific inhibitors for K-Ras mutants.
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Christel Chehoud

Christel Chehoud, a computational biologist sophomore at Princeton, analyzed 16S rRNA sequences related to the Human Microbiome Project.
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Eric Delgado

Eric Delgado, an economics and biology freshman at Yale, explored the effect that ploidy has on the genetic analysis of yeasts.
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Bruce Jobse

Bruce Jobse, a biological sciences sophomore at Dartmouth College, interpreted genotype expressions of human cell lines for heritable rheumatoid arthritis risk.
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Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez, an industrial biotechnology senior at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, identified small molecules that may inhibit ETS transcription factor function.
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Dominic McDonald

Dominic McDonald, a chemical-biological engineering junior at MIT, analyzed microRNA stability in lymphoma cancer cells.
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Diego Borges-Rivera

Diego Borges-Rivera, a computational biology sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, developed and implemented methodology which allows for the prediction of biological patterns using chemical substructure features.
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Kristin Rose

Kristin Rose, a biology junior at MIT, established positive controls in the development of an assay to detect transdifferentiation of pancreatic exocrine cells to an insulin expressing phenotype.
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Sara Tribune

Sara Tribune, a biology senior at Tougaloo College, studied electrocardiographic QT intervals association with common genetic variation.
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Nicole Windmon

Nicole Windmon, a chemistry senior at Florida Atlantic University, helped in the synthesis of diverse triazole scaffolds for future small molecule library design.
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Luke Yancy

Luke Yancy, a computer science and bioinformatics sophomore at Morehouse College, probed the systems biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using computer algorithms and gene expression data.
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