Sending Samples

1. Collecting Samples
2. Shipping Samples
3. More Information

Information for veterinarians

We are unable to reimburse for the cost of shipping or veterinary expenses, and we greatly appreciate your assistance with our research.

Please see our flyer for more details on our research. If you have questions please contact us at

Collecting Samples

We prefer blood samples because they give us more DNA and much higher quality DNA.

Unfortunately, we can not provide blood collection kits. To send a blood sample, you will need:

1. 5mL EDTA tube
2. The consent form signed by the owner
3. Shipping materials

Please have your vet collect 5 mL of blood in the EDTA tube. Your vet should be able to provide the EDTA tube. Click here for more information for veterinarians.

Please label the tube with the following information:

  • Dog's name
  • Breed
  • AKC number
  • Sex

If your dog has been sick, even if they are now healthy, please include copies of any diagnostic reports from your vet, including:

  • histopathology reports
  • blood tests
  • radiograph and ultrasound analysis

The Broad Institute at MIT & Harvard

Shipping Samples

Ship the blood and the signed consent form to:

Dog Genome Project
Broad Institute
415 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

If possible, let us know to expect your sample:

Fax: (617) 714-8956

When shipping blood samples, please be very careful to package it to prevent breakage and leaking. Tubes should be wrapped in soft material to pad the glass tubes, and then sealed in a ziploc bag (which will prevent any leaking if a sample tube is broken). Samples from multiple dogs may be shipped together but please ensure that the tubes are labeled clearly so that there will not be any confusion as to which dog the blood belongs to. Please use a box for the shipping that will not be crushed through normal handling by the post office (or any other carrier). Extra packing (i.e. some crumpled newspaper) should be added to the box to minimize movement of the tubes within the shipping box.

Please note that we must have a signed consent form for every dog participating in our research. We will also need the AKC number or pedigree information.

Additional Information

Many veterinarians are willing to collect additional blood for our research as part of routine bloodwork.

Even if less than 5 mL of blood is collected, please send the sample. Blood is very rich in DNA and as little as 2mL can be sufficient.

If sending blood for multiple dogs with the same owner, the owner information can be filled out on just one consent form. It is critical, though, that for each dog we have a consent form with the dog's information and the owner/agent signature.

If you have questions please contact us at: