Instructions for Veterinarians Sending DNA Samples

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide blood collection kits.

To send a sample, you will need a 5mL EDTA tube, a consent form signed by the owner and shipping materials.

Collecting Blood samples:

Please fill an EDTA tube (purple-cap) with approximately 5 mL of blood. Don't worry if you can't fill the tubes completely. The tube has a vacuum so it will automatically draw the blood from your syringe. Please don't remove the rubber stopper from the top of the tube as this increases the risk of hemolysis. Keep the blood at room temperature. Invert the tube several times to prevent clotting.

Blood that is dark red to black indicates hemolysis has started and will result in a poor quality DNA sample. The blood should appear bright red and unclotted in the tube. Please try to draw another sample if you observe dark red to black clotted blood in the tube.

Although 5 mL of blood is our standard sample size, a smaller volume (2 mL or greater) is adequate and should be considered with very small dogs or if there are other extenuating circumstances.

Please label the tubes with the following information:

  • Dog's registered name
  • Breed
  • AKC number
  • Sex

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Other Information Needed:

1. For every sample sent, we need a consent form signed by owner (download consent form as PDF). This consent form must be filled out completely with:

  • The owner's name and contact information
  • List of any diseases affecting this dog
  • AKC number or other pedigree information
  • Owner's or agent's signature

2. If the dog's pedigree is available (especially if not AKC registered), please include it with consent form.

3. If possible, send copies of any diagnostic reports from the dog's veterinary history, including:

  • histopathology reports
  • blood tests
  • radiograph and ultrasound analysis

Note: If sending blood for multiple dogs with the same owner, the owner information can be filled out on just one consent form. It is critical, though, that for each dog we have a consent form with the dog's information and the owner/agent signature.

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Shipping Details:

Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse for the cost of shipping or veterinary expenses, and we greatly appreciate your assistance with our research.

Place the tubes in a cardboard mailing box. When shipping blood samples, please be careful to package it to prevent breakage and leaking.

Blood: Please include a small ice pack with the blood sample and keep it refridgerated until ready to send. The blood will remain preserved for approximately 1 week. You can send by US Postal Service Priority Mail, FedEx or UPS.

Cheek Swabs: Send cheek swabs at room temperature by FEDEX Same Day or FEDEX Overnight only! Bacteria in cheek swabs render the DNA useless if sent by slower methods.

We must have a signed consent form for every dog participating in our research.

Please send samples to:

Dog Genome Project
Broad Institute
415 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

If possible, let us know to expect your sample:

Fax: (617) 714-8956