Canine array

The Broad Institute has developed a custom canine SNP array in collaboration with Affymetrix. The goal was a SNP array useful in many breeds to perform genome-wide association mapping using at least 15,000 SNPs. The array is sold by Affymetrix Inc, but the information pertaining to the development of the array can be found on this website. Currently Affymetrix requests that Broad Insitute runs arrays as a service for laboratories not able to run the arrays themselves.

Two array versions exist, v1 and v2 (see FAQ), with different numbers of SNPs. In both cases the SNPs have been QCed so that the “v1 platinum” and “v2 platinum” sets are known to perform at a high accuracy and to be polymorphic in many breeds. The array has proven useful for mapping several monogenic traits and preliminary data suggests that it will also be useful for complex trait mapping and for detecting selective sweeps (v2 primarily). A manuscript discussing the array in more detail is in review.

Canine array FAQ

Broad institute project leader and contact: Dr. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh (