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The Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal

The Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal is an open-access resource for human genetic information on type 2 diabetes (T2D). It is a central repository for data from large genomic studies that identify DNA variants whose presence is linked to altered risk of having T2D or related traits, such as elevated blood glucose levels. Pinpointing these DNA variants, and the genes they affect, will spur novel insights into how T2D develops and suggest new potential targets for drugs or other therapies to treat T2D.

The T2D Knowledge Portal aggregates many data sets, formerly disparate, in a framework that allows data sharing and analysis while properly crediting researchers and protecting patient privacy. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables all scientists — not only specialized geneticists, but also those from other disciplines including molecular biology and drug development — to mine the data by searching for information on particular genes or variants, and to find variants that are associated with particular traits. It provides a summary of each T2D-associated genetic variant, and also allows users to dig deeper into the data and run on-the-fly genetic analyses. New data sets are added to the knowledgebase as they are generated, continually increasing the power of analyses performed via the portal.

This project is a collaborative effort of scientists and software engineers at the Broad Institute, University of Michigan, University of Oxford, and many other collaborators, and is part of a worldwide scientific consortium with contributors from academia, industry, and non-profit organizations. Financial support is provided by the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes — a collaboration of the National Institutes of Health, five major pharmaceutical companies, and three large non-profits — as well as by the Carlos Slim Foundation.