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Diabetes Teams

Florez Team

Jose Florez, Institute Member
Noël Burtt, Associate Director, Operations
Suzanne Jacobs, Associate Scientific Director
Pam Ricevuto, Executive Assistant


Genetic Analysis
Ling Chen, Bioinformatic Analyst
Joanne Cole, Post-doctoral Fellow
Amanda Elliot, Post-doctoral Fellow
Josep Mercader, Research Scientist
Miriam Udler, Post-doctoral Fellow



T2D Knowledge Portal  
Noël Burtt, Associate Director, Operations
Lizz Caulkins, Project Manager II
Maria Costanzo, Manager, Diabetes Knowledge Portal




Functional Genomics
Lina Ainbinder, Research Scientist I
Eitan Hoch, Post-doctoral Fellow
Patty Glover, Research Associate 
Suzanne Jacobs, Associate Scientific Director
Amit Majithia, Instructor in Medicine
Liping Zhao, Research Scientist II




Human Physiology
Laura Brenner, Post-doctoral Fellow
Vicky Kaur, Senior Research Technologist
Aaron Leong, Post-doctoral Fellow
Jordi Merino, Post-doctoral Fellow
Camille Powe, Post-doctoral Fellow
Cristina Quintero, Clinical Research Coordinator
Jennifer Todd, Post-doctoral Fellow
Kayla Yates, Clinical Research Coordinator




Claussnitzer Team

Melina Claussnitzer, Associate Member
Sarah Goggin, Visiting Student
Alham Saadat, Senior Research Associate II
Richard Sallari, Scientific Advisor
Nicholas Sinnott-Armstrong, Visiting Student
Isabel Sousa, Visiting Student
Sophie Strobel, Visiting Student
Li Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Xinchen Wang, Visiting Scientist


Flannick Team

Jason Flannick, Associate Member
Benjamin Alexander, Senior Principal Software Engineer
Marc Duby, Principal Software Engineer
Clint Gilbert, Senior Software Engineer
Todd Green, Project Manager I
Ryan Koesterer, Associate Computational Biologist II
Oliver Ruebenacker, Senior Software Engineer
Preeti Singh, Associate Software Engineer
Marcin von Grotthuss, Senior Computational Biologist I


Manning Team

Alisa Manning, Associate Member
Marlene Fernandez, Consulting Software Engineer
Tim Majarian, Associate Computational Biologist


Rosen Team

Evan Rosen, Institute Member
Umer Ahmed, Research Associate I
Yang Jiao, Research Scientist I
Amit Majithia, Instructor in Medicine
Danielle Tenen, Research Assistant III


Saxena Team

Richa Saxena, Ph.D., Associate Member
Jacqueline Lane, Ph.D., Research Fellow
Hassan Dashti, Ph.D., Research Fellow
Kathryn Gray, M.D., Ph.D., Research Fellow/ Instructor
Jessica Rhodes, Undergraduate Student, Harvard College
Zoe Onion, Undergraduate Student, Harvard College
Irma Vlasac, Research Technician


Soukas Team

Alex Soukas, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Member
Michael Kacergis, M.S., Laboratory Manager
Ben Zhou, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
WuQiang Fan, M.D., Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Lianfeng Wu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Lucydalila Cedillo, HMS BBS Ph.D. Student
Sainan Li, M.D., Research Scholar


Wagner Team

Bridget Wagner, Director, Pancreatic Beta Cell Biology and Metabolic Disease
Vlado Dancik, Senior Computational Chemical Biologist II
Michael DeRan, Research Scientist I
Carol Khodier, Senior Research Associate II
Bennett Meier, Graduate Student
Daniel Palmieri, Research Associate I (joint with Choudhary team)
Toshi Urashima, Visiting Scientist
Amedeo Vetere, Group Leader


Choudhary Team

Amit Choudhary, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School 
Kurt Cox, Post-doctoral Fellow
Soumya Gangopadhyay, Post-doctoral Fellow
Miseon Lee, Post-doctoral Fellow
Donghyun Lim, Post-doctoral Fellow (joint with Wagner team)
Basu Maji, Post-doctoral Fellow
Debasish Manna, Post-doctoral Fellow
Mengchao Shi, Post-doctoral Fellow
Jonnell Small, Graduate Student
Peng Wu, Post-doctoral Fellow