We do not find significant evidence for association anywhere in the genome:

In the scan of JHS samples only, there is a suggestive signal of association (Bayes factor of = 4.0, contributing to a suggestive genome wide score of 1.2) on chromosome 1 (position of 44.1 Mb on build35 of the human genome project reference sequence). However, this signal grows much weaker (Bayes factor of 1.8) when the MEC samples are added in, so the locus should only be of moderately high interest for T2D risk.

In the scan of all samples, the strongest evidence for association is a Bayes factor of 2.7 on chromosome 15, which does not reach the threshold of genome-wide suggestiveness. A figure showing the results for the JHS samples only (in black) and all samples (in red) is given below.