Related Metabolic Trait Results (updated May 2008)



Detailed Results for Related Metabolic Traits

  • Description of downloadable tables
    Presented for online browsing are the top SNP results with p-values less than 0.001, sorted in rank order. A full tab-delimited file containing all 389,879 SNP tests performed is available for download. A Full collection of Multi-marker tests results will be available soon. The material available for online browsing contains the following information:
  • CHR Chromosome Location
    SNP SNP identifier (“i_” flag denotes tested SNP by multi-marker imputation)
    PHYS_POS Physical position (according to NCBI build 35)
    GC P-value of Test statistic after correction by Genomic Control
    WALD Raw Wald test statistic
    A1 Minor allele
    A2 Major allele
    MAF Frequency of A1 allele (for the QTL sample)
    NMISS Number of non-missing genotypes
    BETA Regression coefficient
    SE Standard error of regression coefficient
    R2 Regression r-squared
    GENE_LIST Annotation of genes within 30kb of the SNP
    RANK Rank order of the SNP over all tested SNPs (according to GC)

    Note: Headers apply to all results files for the DGI 500K Whole Genome Data.

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  • Related Metabolic Traits Detailed Results Table

    * indicates new/updated documents since Feb 2007
    * indicates new traits since March 2007

    Trait Type Trait Name Description of Trait (PDF) Table of Top
    Single Marker
    Results for Association
    Table of All
    Single Marker
    Results for Association
    summary statistics
    by genotype
    updated Sept 2007

    Glucose Traits

      Fasting glucose *

      HOMA-IR *

      Insulinogenic index *

      Fasting insulin *

      2 hour glucose *

      2 hour insulin *

    Obesity Traits

      Body mass index *      


      Weight *      


      Height *


      Waist circumference *      


      Waist hip ratio *      


      Fat mass *

      Waist to eight squared *

    Lipid Traits

      ApoA1 *

      ApoA2 *

      ApoB *

      LDL cholesterol *

      HDL cholesterol *

      Triglycerides *

      Triglyceride/HDL cholesterol ratio *

      Total cholesterol *

    Blood Pressure Traitss

      Diastolic blood pressure *

      Systolic blood pressure *

      Hypertension *