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CRISPR, gene dependency, Cas9, sgRNA, Cutting Toxicity
Sequence Analysis, Tool Suites
RNA-Seq, de Bruijn graphs, clustering
Cancer, protein structure, mutation clustering, Cancer Genome Analysis
Sequence Analysis, Next Generation Tools
Expression Analysis, Annotation, Portals, CMap, perturbations, Gene Expression
Sequence Analysis, Cancer Genome Analysis, sample contamination
Computational biology and bioinformatics
Portals, Cancer, cell line profiling, small molecules, Therapeutic Response
cell line profiling, Downloads, Therapeutic Response, small molecules, Cancer, Portals
Cancer Genome Analysis, Sequence Analysis, mutation calling
Cancer Genome Analysis, Cancer, Sequence Analysis
RNAi, shRNA, gene dependency, data integration
Portals, hematopoiesis, DMAP, differentiation map, cancer portals
variant calling, genome assembly
Cancer Genome Analysis, rearrangements, Sequence Analysis
small molecules, drugs, therapeutics, compounds, Portals