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The days when researchers could make meaningful scientific breakthroughs based on relatively small, structurally simple data are long past. Biomedical research today integrates complex, multifaceted data from multiple sources on scales akin to those seen in astronomy and particle physics.

The DSP has invested heavily in the development of a suite of web-based services and applications that support tools for data processing, analysis, and access. This suite, dubbed Workbench, provides a set of fundamental, API-accessible computational capabilities that support an ecosystem of data science efforts within and beyond the Broad, including:

  • Security: ensuring secure access and sharing to sensitive data.
  • Data management: tools for data storage, curation, indexing, and search.
  • Computing: Resources to manage batch processing and interactive analysis in ways that facilitate reproducibility in research
  • Tool management: A storehouse for deploying analytical tools and methods.
  • Account housekeeping: Management of user accounts and billing.