Fall 2020 College and University Screening

The college and university screening program has been developed for institutions in Massachusetts and surrounding regions, including the rest of New England and eastern New York state, with support from the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICUM). In the fall of 2020, Broad is providing COVID-19 screening support for more than 100 public and private colleges and universities.

The program is designed to support these institutions of higher education, while allowing Broad to continue to serve critical public health needs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, especially for at-risk communities.

Participating colleges and universities, working with their healthcare providers, determine the scope of the screening effort: who is eligible to be tested (such as students, faculty, and/or staff, with physician approval) and how often (twice weekly, weekly, or once every two weeks).

Broad facilitates the distribution of test components (such as tubes and swabs) from manufacturers, and schools follow protocols for proper swabbing and test kit handling to return the kits to Broad. Then, Broad processes the samples, returning results rapidly. Broad has been able to reduce processing costs to between approximately $35 and $50 per test, with further reductions available to colleges and universities.

Software for collection sites, logistics, and return-of-results has been developed by ELLKAY, LLC. In addition, schools can elect to use a mobile app developed by CoVerified to engage with Broad Institute testing systems. 


Broad Institute does not offer direct COVID-19 testing for individuals. If you are seeking a COVID-19 test, please contact your healthcare provider. If you have been tested and are seeking your result, please click here.