Collaborations and consortia

Scientific progress today requires data and collaboration on a massive scale. Our researchers engage with partners around the globe to pursue projects that are larger than any one institution could successfully complete alone, and which convene the best minds in science to solve fundamental problems.

All of Us is gathering and analyzing health data from one million or more people living in the United States.

AVE is propelling systematic measurement of variant impact on functional elements of human and pathogen genomes.

An international consortium studying the genetic determinants of COVID-19 susceptibility, severity, and outcomes.

The NHGRI-funded ENCODE Consortium is building a comprehensive parts list of functional elements in the human genome.

A policy-framing and technical standards-setting organization, GA4GH seeks to enable

GIANT seeks to identify genetic loci that modulate human body size and shape.

gnomAD aggregates and harmonizes exome and genome sequencing data from population-scale sequencing projects.

GTEx is developing a resource for studying gene expression and regulation and its relationship to genetic variation.

The HCA is creating cellular reference maps for every cell type in the human body.

The ICDA aims to accelerate discovery from genetic maps to biological mechanisms to physiology and medicine.

IGVF is developing a framework for understanding the effects of genomic variation on genome function and phenotypes.

PGC advances genetic discovery of biologically, clinically, and therapeutically meaningful insights in psychiatry.