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Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Science

CBTS, which includes the former Center for the Science of Therapeutics (CSofT), builds on the Institute's rich history of research and community building in chemical biology and therapeutics science. Broad research in these areas has led and continues to lead to innovations in:

  • synthetic chemistry and small-molecule probe discovery
  • phenotype-based discoveries of remarkable modulators of biology
  • methods to understand mechanisms of action

To solidify and expand upon these advances, CBTS engages a diverse community of researchers engaged in innovative chemical biology and therapeutics science at the Broad Institute through:

  • open sharing of the latest research advances
  • pilot grant support for innovative projects
  • unique independent fellowships for researchers recently completing their doctoral work
  • technology-focused workshops

CBTS researchers also work closely with scientists from the Broad's other programs to identify and respond to therapeutic-development opportunities identified through disease-focused research.

Primary Investigators