MLPCN Profiling Data

Using multiplex-cytological (MC) and gene-expression (GE) profiling assays, we assembled a reference dataset of profiles for structurally and stereochemically diverse diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS)-derived compounds (18,000-20,000), chemically diverse Molecular Libraries Initiative (MLI) compounds with biologically diverse performance identified through analysis of PubChem (2,200-10,000), and known bioactive compounds to serve as landmarks (2,500).

Publications: ⇒ Gustafsdottir et al. (2013) PLoS One 8: e80999, multiplex imaging assay development ⇒ Wawer et al. (2014) J Biomol Screen 19: 738, automated structure-activity mining ⇒ Wawer et al. (2014) PNAS 111: 10911, performance-diverse libraries


Full profiling dataset sponsored by the Molecular Libraries Program (
Profiling dataset associated with Wawer et al. (2014) PNAS 111: 10911 (
Access to microscopy image data available via The Cell Image Library