Community Meetings and Events

CBTS Supergroup Meetings

Regular program meetings draw participants from many research communities to share cutting-edge research and brainstorm new project ideas in a wide variety of fields relevant to chemical biology and therapeutics science.

Past Speakers

Speaker Topic
Casey Krusemark Encoding chemicals and assays with DNA: Applications in Medicinal Chemistry and Biology
Morgan Sheng  Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: from human genetics towards mechanisms and therapeutics
Malvina Papanastasiou Structural insights into the LSD1 N-terminus using hydrogen/deuterium exchange-mass spectrometry
Amanda Waterbury The LSD1 N-terminus modulates transcription factor partitioning and enhancer decommissioning
Nicholas Polizzi Designing ligand-binding proteins from scratch
Alec Agee Characterizing biological electron transfer to bio-inspired polymers
Xin Zhou Designing new protein functions for proteoform editing and biosensing
Xingcheng "Cindy" Zhou Engineering point-of-care electrochemical diagnostics for infectious diseases​
Breanna Zerfas Development of a bifunctional protein tag to advance targeted protein degradation research
Conghui Yao Untargeted metabolomics reveals novel metabolic markers for T cell activation
Amedeo Vetere Smelling the glucose: Stimulating insulin secretion through olfactory receptor activation

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Broad-MIT Seminars in Chemical Biology

MIT Chemistry and the Broad Institute host monthly seminars in chemical biology with the intent to hear from the thought-leaders and bring together chemical biologists from both academia and industry in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Past Speakers

Speaker Topic 
Jeffery Kelly Pharmacological Adaptation of Proteostasis to Ameliorate Aging-associated Degenerative Diseases
Chuan He RNA modification in gene expression regulation
Richard Young Biomolecular condensates: new insights into regulation and dysregulation of cellular compartments
David Liu Base Editing and Prime Editing: Precise Chemistry on the Genome without Double—Strand DNA Breaks
Laura Kiessling Exploring protein-glycan interactions in immunity



Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Science