Community Meetings and Events

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Novel Therapeutic Modalities (NTM) Workshops

This series brings key scientists leading the development and application of novel therapeutic approaches to present their cutting-edge work and lead discussions with the Broad community. These workshops have been designed to stimulate new collaborations and research directions, including those supported by CBTS.          

Past Speakers

Speaker Topic
Bev Deverman and Mark Kay Next Generation Viral Delivery
Ronald Herzog Exploiting the Immune System
David Baker Next Generation Non- Viral Delivery
Anastasia Khvorova Next Generation Non- Viral Delivery
Samuel Rabkin   Oncolytic Viruses
Hiro Wakimoto Oncolytic Viruses
Nathaneal Gray Targeted Protein Degradation
Ramnik Xavier Microbial-Based therapeutics
Sara Buhrlage Targeted Protein Degradation


CBTS Program Meetings

Regular program meetings draw participants from many research communities to share cutting-edge research and brainstorm new project ideas in a wide variety of fields relevant to chemical biology and therapeutics science.

Past Speakers

Speaker Topic
Drew Adams Small-molecule approaches to promoting myelin repair in the central nervous system
Tom Sundberg   SIK2 drug discovery  
Eric Minikel and Sonia Vallabh Development of antisense oligonucleotides for prion disease
Chang Liu  Synthetic Genetic Systems for Rapid Mutation and Continuous Evolution in vivo 
Jeff Cottrell Translating Genetics into Therapeutic Approaches for Psychiatric Disease
Evan Lebois Discovery and development of selective NaV1.2 activators for Autism
Michel Weiwer Activated microglia biomarkers in CNS disorders: Development of a COX-2 PET tracer
Anna Greka  From genes to treatments: the path to mechanism-based therapies for kidney diseases
Jin-Soo Kim Genome-Wide Target Specificity of CRISPR RNA-Guided Nucleases and Deaminases


Broad-MIT Seminars in Chemical Biology

MIT Chemistry and the Broad Institute host monthly seminars in chemical biology with the intent to hear from the thought-leaders and bring together chemical biologists from both academia and industry in the Boston/Cambridge area. 

Past Speakers

Speaker Topic 
Stuart Schreiber Listening to Probes: Individuals and Populations
Herbert Waldmann  Pseudo Natural Products – Chemical Evolution of Natural Product Structure 
Emily Balskus  Deciphering the Human Microbiota with Chemistry