CBTS Supergroup Meetings

Regular program meetings draw participants from many research communities to share cutting-edge research and brainstorm new project ideas in a wide variety of fields relevant to chemical biology and therapeutics science.

If you are interested in nominating a speaker for a meeting, please contact us at CBTS-central@broadinstitute.org.

2022-2024 Speakers

03/13/2024 Hit identification using DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening and machine learning (ML) methods - DEL+ML approaches Sumaiya Iqbal & Holly Soutter
02/28/2024 Bifunctional Small Molecules That Induce Targeted Protein Relocalization and Targeted Transcriptional Regulation Will Gibson
Schreiber Lab
02/28/2024 Pharmacological Targeting of the Transcription Factor - IRF4 Mike Agius
Qi Lab
02/14/2024 Imaging mass spectrometry at subcellular spatial resolution with the NanoSIMS: What it can and cannot do Christelle Guillermier
Cole Lab
02/14/2024 Uncoupling Histone Modification Crosstalk by Engineering Lysine Demethylase LSD1 Kwangwoon "Jon" Lee
Cole Lab
01/17/2024 Shedding light on the dark matter of viral proteomes to advance our understanding of antiviral immunity Shira Weingarten-Gabbay
Sabeti Lab
11/08/2023 Cell-Permeable Anti-CRISPR Proteins for Precision Genome Editing Axel Vera
Raines/Choudhary Lab
11/08/2023 Gene Therapy Without the Genes: Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins via Traceless Bioreversible Esterification Strategy Joomyung "Vicky" Jun
Raines Lab
10/25/2023 Continuous evolution of compact protein degradation tags regulated by selective cereblon molecular glues Jaron Mercer & Shourya Roy Burman
Liu Lab and Fischer Lab
10/11/2023 Optogenetic polymerization of functional materials for modulation of single neuron excitability Chanan Sessler
Wang Lab
10/11/2023 Targeted Degradation of Membrane Proteins: Transferrin Receptor Targeting Chimeras (TransTACs) Kaitlin Rhee
Zhou Lab
06/21/2023 Understanding Human GeneticVariation with Precision Genome Editing Tools Alexis Komor
06/07/2023 Leveraging Dendritic Cell Lectin Engagement to Develop Effective Cancer Vaccines Valerie Lensch & Adele Gabba
Kiessling Lab
05/24/2023 Functional diversification of plant small molecules by the gut microbiome tunes intestinal homeostasis Gavin Kuziel
Rakoff-Nahoum Lab
04/26/2023 Flavoaffinins: a family of elusive bacterial pigments implicated in efficient anaerobic digestion of cellulose Duncan Kountz
Balskus Lab
01/18/2023 Encoding chemicals and assays with DNA: Applications in Medicinal Chemistry and Biology Casey Krusemark
Purdue University
12/07/2022 Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: from human genetics towards mechanisms and therapeutics Morgan Sheng
Stanley Center
11/16/2022 Structural insights into the LSD1 N-terminus using hydrogen/deuterium exchange-mass spectrometry Malvinaa Papanastasiou
Proteomics Platform
11/16/2022 The LSD1 N-terminus modulates transcription factor partitioning and enhancer decommissioning Amanda Waterbury
Liau Lab
11/02/2022 Designing ligand-binding proteins from scratch Nicholas Polizzi
11/02/2022 Characterizing biological electron transfer to bio-inspired polymers Alec Agee
Furst Lab
10/19/2022 Designing new protein functions for proteoform editing and biosensing Xin Zhou
10/19/2022 Engineering point-of-care electrochemical diagnostics for infectious diseases​ Xingcheng "Cindy" Zhou
Furst Lab
10/05/2022 Development of a bifunctional protein tag to advance targeted protein degradation research Breanne Zerfas
10/05/2022 Untargeted metabolomics reveals novel metabolic markers for T cell activation Conghui Yao
Haigis Lab
09/21/2022 Smelling the glucose: Stimulating insulin secretion through olfactory receptor activation Amedeo Vetere
Wagner Lab