Broad-MIT Seminars in Chemical Biology

MIT Chemistry and the Broad Institute host monthly seminars in chemical biology with the intent to hear from the thought-leaders and bring together chemical biologists from both academia and industry in the Boston/Cambridge area.



2023-2024 Speakers

05/20/2024 Decoding Glycosaminoglycans and Their Roles in Neuroplasticity Linda Hsieh-Wilson
04/29/2024 GPCR to channel communication in a membrane signaling pathway Rod MacKinnon
Rockefeller University
04/22/2024 Overcoming the Undruggable Nature of the Most Common Human Oncogene, K-Ras Kevan Shokat
04/08/2024 Molecular origami: Understanding how proteins fold and misfold in living cells Judith Frydman
Stanford University
03/25/2024 Deciphering the mechanisms of lipid trafficking in bacteria Laura Dassama
Stanford University
02/05/2024 Recording the Physiological History of Cells with Chemical Labeling Kai Johnsson 
Max Planck Institute
01/29/2024 Activity-based proteomics – protein and ligand discovery on a global scale Ben Cravatt
Scripps Research Institute
01/08/2024 Two medicines that have saved at least 100 million lives Ed Scolnick
Broad Institute
11/06/2023 Biological and technological frontiers for single-cell proteomics Nikolai Slavov
Northeastern University
10/02/2023 Making it stick: How to engineer selective covalent ligands for diverse applications in biology Matt Bogyo
Stanford University
05/08/2023 Chemical Biology of extracellular cGAMP signaling in health and disease Lingyin Li
Stanford University
04/24/2023 Multum in parvo—The mechanism of a protein antibiotic Bill Clemons
California Institute of Technology
04/03/2023 A radical solution for C(sp3)—C(sp3) bond formation during the biosynthesis of macrocyclic membrane lipids Squire Booker
Pennsylvania State University
03/06/2023 Reprogramming the Genetic Code Jason Chin
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
02/27/2023 The development of chemical probes of histone “reader” subunits of chromatin remodeling complexes Emily Dykhuizen
Purdue University
02/06/2023 Pharmacological Adaptation of Proteostasis to Ameliorate Aging-associated Degenerative Diseases Jeffrey Kelly
Scripps Research Institute
01/30/2023 RNA modification in gene expression regulation Chuan He
The University of Chicago; HHMI

2019-2022 Speakers

11/21/2022 Biomolecular condensates: new insights into regulation and dysregulation of cellular compartments Richard Young
Whitehead Institute; MIT
10/24/2022 Base Editing and Prime Editing: Precise Chemistry on the Genome without Double—Strand DNA Breaks David Liu
Broad Institute; Harvard University; HHMI
09/19/2022 Exploring protein-glycan interactions in immunity Laura Kiessling
02/24/2020 Lipid and light-driven tools for cell biology Carsten Schultz
Oregon Health; Science University
12/09/2019 Reimagining Druggability using Chemoproteomic Platforms Daniel K. Nomura
University of California, Berkeley
11/04/2019 Deciphering the Human Microbiota with Chemistry Emily Balskus
Harvard University
10/15/2019 Pseudo Natural Products - Chemical Evolution of Natural Product Structure Herbert Waldmann
Max Planck Institute
09/11/2019 Listening to Probes: Individuals and Populations Stuart Schreiber
Broad Institute