Chemical Biology and Therapeutics

A number of different groups focus on different aspects of this important scientific area. The Chemical Biology and Therapeutic Sciences (CBTS) Program, is a diverse community of scientists, including the Center for the Science of Therapeutics (CSoFT), that create new technologies and enable new methods to change the way we discover and use chemical probes - whether as research tools to better understand biology, or as potential therapeutic agents to modulate disease. This diverse community includes chemists, biologists, engineers, and computational scientists that strive to innovate and change the way we discover and use chemical probes and therapeutics.

The Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT) works closely with CBTS to apply novel approaches and technologies, but is focused on driving therapeutics projects forward. CDoT scientists partner with Broad faculty, who have a deep understanding of the underlying disease biology, to test therapeutic hypotheses and create paths to novel medicines. CDoT also often partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to create project teams that can leverage the knowledge, experiences and resources of industry. In this way, CDoT brings together the innovations and technologies of CBTS with the expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, to drive projects forward guided by a unique understanding of the disease biology.

By coupling cutting-edge genomics with advanced resources in chemical biology research and small-molecule discovery, the Broad is poised to impact human health and therapeutic innovation in ways never before possible.