CDoT brings to the Broad community capabilities and resources that are common within the pharmaceutical industry, but are rarely available in an academic environment. This allows CDoT to follow the biology, taking whatever approach or combination of approaches is necessary to address the genetic, genomic, and biochemical opportunities revealed by Broad scientists in their search to understand the underpinnings of cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, infectious diseases, and other disease areas.

In reality, CDoT projects are typically three-way partnerships, bringing together:

  • Broad community scientists, who identify disease-specific pathways or targets of interest by genetic or genomic means.
  • CDoT teams drawn from the center's functional areas, who bring discovery expertise, a non-conventional approach to candidate development, and the ability to develop lead candidates to a certain level of maturity.
  • Pharmaceutical or biotechnology partners that bring a valuable knowledge and critical resources to ensure projects move forward.

CDoT projects are grounded in Broad scientists' genetic discoveries, letting the biology drive the selection of targets to be pursued. This approach raises confidence that candidates identified through the team's screening and development efforts will have a higher chance of success in the clinic, and creates a willingness to address targets traditionally labeled "undruggable" (e.g., transcription factors, protein-protein interactions).

Key project areas