Informatics and Analysis Tools

CDoT Informatics builds and manages a flexible, intuitive, plug-and-play, and secure Lab Data Management System (LDMS) which can support multiple and diverse internal and external therapeutics development collaborations by leveraging integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) within the CDoT Informatics framework.

At the core of these processes is CDoT's Operational Database which handles sample registration, container and aliquot tracking, and data capture. All users with a Broad email address can create an account and access the basic functions of the Operational Database. A combination of commercial and in-house applications handle record keeping and data capture/analysis/reporting, including:

  • Project management and data security -  membership in projects are the baseline security layer for all data (compounds and related biological assay data) access within the CDoT environments and applications
  • Screening and in vitro data collection and analysis for flexible and efficient data management workflow
  • Compound registration and inventory - physical samples are available for distribution (pending security permission) and can be requested through CDoT’s compound ordering system
  • Electronic laboratory notebook
  • Cheminformatics visualization and analysis tools - a variety of commercial and in-house cheminformatics tools are available to all CDoT members and collaborators and controlled by our project and data security safeguards
  • Computational chemistry and structural biology softwares


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