Current Collaborations and Areas of Focus

  • CDoT teams are collaborating with the Broad's Cancer Program and Bayer Healthcare to target vulnerabilities being uncovered by the systematic genomic and functional characterization of the cancer genome.
  • With the Broad Cardiovascular Disease Initiative and Bayer HealthCare, CDoT is leveraging insights from human genetics to help create new cardiovascular therapies.
  • Broad and CDoT are partnering with Calico Life Sciences, focused on the biology of aging and therapeutic approaches to diseases of aging.
  • Broad and CDoT are collaborating with Deerfield Management on solving complex, early stage therapeutic challenges related to serious unmet medical needs.
  • CDoT is partnering with the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research to translate their insights into the functions of GPCRs and channel functions — which have been genetically implicated in schizophrenia or bipolar disorder —  into therapeutic projects. Other targets implicated by GWAS or exome sequencing in these  or other central nervous system disorders are under study for target validation.    
  • Through the Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine for the Americas (SIGMA), CDoT is a key component in a full-scale chemical biology program aimed at developing novel drug leads for treating medullary cystic kidney disease 1(MCKD1), a rare hereditary renal disease. 
  • The Novo Broad Greenhouse is a joint initiative between the Broad Institute and Novo Ventures to progress drug discovery projects spanning a wide range of indications and therapeutic modalities, with a focus on early stage efforts such as validating new drug targets, assessing “druggability” of certain proteins or genes, and developing new assays to assess the potential of drug candidates. Projects then progress to the “sprout” phase of continued development towards a clinical candidate.