Compound Management and Repurposing Hub

Compound Management

CDoT’s Compound Management (CM) team is responsible for the intake, storage, retrieval, formatting and shipping of all small molecule samples associated with therapeutics projects, as well as the majority of small-molecule related discovery projects in other groups across the Broad Institute. This service is available to all members of the Broad community, and is highly recommended for the secure and consistent tracking of chemical compounds. CM will also work with external collaborators.

Inquiries about Compound Management can be made by emailing

Information about the process for working with Compound Management, including registering and storing chemical samples in the CM facility, can be obtained here if you have a Broad email address.

Repurposing Hub

To foster collaboration and accelerate drug discovery, the Broad Institute offers the repurposing library set as a shared resource for Broad and non-Broad collaborators. Screening can be done at a faculty lab or in collaboration with CDoT. For further information, visit the Drug Repurposing home page.

For request, please email