The Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT)









The Center for the Development of Therapeutics (CDoT) is a highly collaborative organization of professional scientists who are eager to help Broad principal investigators (PIs) advance their deep biological insights to therapeutics. Our mission is to attract the best collaborators and projects, and to succeed in developing new treatments by using systematic approaches in genomics, biology and chemistry.

Working at CDoT


Deeply embedded within the Broad Institute, CDoT translates curiosity-driven academic research with drug discovery projects. In its structure, partnerships, and capabilities, CDoT functions like a pharma or biotech. Most of the center's leadership comes from industry and has extensive drug discovery experience.

These factors, combined with Broad’s culture of creativity, risk taking and open sharing, make CDoT an attractive place for scientists who share the Broad’s mission of advancing science and positively impacting patients. 

Faculty Collaborations with CDoT

CDoT has capabilities and resources that are common within the pharma industry, but which are rarely available in an academic environment. For example, investigators can develop their biological insights by collaborating with CDoT’s Discovery Solutions and Systems group, including Compound Management, Screening and High Content Imaging.

CDoT also has significant Drug Discovery Project Capabilities with the ability to develop lead candidates to a preclinical stage. Partnership with CDoT may also include pharma or biotech partners that bring valuable knowledge and critical resources to ensure projects move forward. Central to these efforts are multi-disciplinary project teams that combine novel insights and expertise from the Broad's rich biology community with expertise and experience from CDoT's functional areas.

Collaborating with CDoT is easy, and is a professional and personalized experience.

Industrial Collaborations with CDoT 


CDoT projects are grounded in genetic discoveries, letting the biology drive the selection of targets to be pursued. This approach raises confidence that lead candidates identified through CDoT's development efforts will have a higher chance of success. 

CDoT collaborates in its drug discovery efforts with pharma and venture capital as well as philanthropic organizations. CDoT’s Pipeline of projects incorporates multiple therapeutic areas including cancer, cardiovascular, psychiatric diseases and immunoregulation. Project stages span the drug discovery process from target validation to lead optimization.