Cell Circuits and Complex Tissues

Through the activities of the Cell Circuits Program and the Klarman Cell Observatory, Broad researchers are working to systematically define the genetic and molecular circuits in a wide range of cell types, tissues, and diseases. Researchers in the Cell Circuits Program are developing the techniques and methods needed to undertake this ambitious effort, as well as hosting external visitors to learn experimental and computational methods via the NHGRI Center for Cell Circuits. The Klarman Cell Observatory develops and shares these methods with the broader scientific community for direct biological application through a series of collaborative projects.


Cell Circuits Program

The Broad Institute's Cell Circuits Program (CCP) is a scientific community focused on systematically defining the genetic and molecular circuits of a wide range of cell types. Under the direction of Broad core faculty member Aviv Regev and institute faculty member Nir Hacohen, the CCP collaborates across the Broad and affiliated labs to map cell circuitry with the eventual goal of charting the molecular and genetic connections in any human cell type. To help create these comprehensive "wiring diagrams," the CCP works to develop systematic genome-wide approaches to interrogate the structure and function of each circuit.


Research Areas:

  • NHGRI Center for Cell Circuits (dendritic cells, embryonic stem cells, and embryoid bodies)
  • T cell differentiation and activation
  • Inter-individual variation of circuits in health and disease
  • Gut cell atlas and circuits
  • Immune cell atlas
  • Hematopoiesis (precursors and differentiated cells)
  • Retinal cells
  • Glioblastoma