Celebrating Broad’s 20th Anniversary

In 2004, the Broad Institute was founded with an ambitious goal: to leverage the newly sequenced human genome and fulfill the promise of genomic medicine. We celebrate 20 years of progress toward understanding the roots of disease and narrowing the gap between new biological insights and impact for human health.

Our origins

Watch a recording of our 20th anniversary celebration, Origin Stories: How Broad’s earliest days sparked two decades of innovation. This story-telling event featured some of Broad’s longest-serving scientists and other team members whose pioneering work on the Human Genome Project, the International HapMap Project, and other efforts built the foundation for the approach to research and community that still define the Broad Institute today.

David Altshuler, Stacey Gabriel, Todd Golub, and Eric Lander, and others shared stories of how vision, creativity, scrappiness, struggle, and teamwork were key to Broad’s early successes and are still reflected in the institute’s research and culture.

Our people

Our people are what makes us special. We are a vibrant community of faculty, trainees, clinicians, and professional researchers from many disciplines, all working together to narrow the gap between biological insight and impact for patients.

Poster session

Our future

As we reflect on our scientific accomplishments from the last 20 years, we also look forward to the next frontiers in biomedicine in search of new innovations that will move us closer to making transformational impacts in the clinic. 

Image on the left: Researchers shared their work at BroadConnect Poster Day in 2022, which brought together nearly 90 posters and 900 Broadies from across the institute, including many early-career scientists. Credit: Anthem Multimedia