Faculty: How to Collaborate with CDoT

The objective of CDoT’s Discovery Solutions and Systems group is to work closely with faculty and PIs to set a successful path forward for their scientific insights, utilizing CDoT’s compound management and assay development capabilities (including the repurposing hub). This team will suggest high priority experiments and work with the PI to execute on these plans.

When a scientific insight is considered as a potential Drug Discovery Project, a CDoT Champion will be assigned to personally guide the PI throughout the process. The evaluation will include a scientific presentation and an assessment of the project. A committee of Broad and CDoT scientists and senior management will also assess the project to determine, with the PI, if a drug discovery project could be partnered with CDoT and funded via a Broad industrial collaboration.

CDoT is optimally positioned to impact projects at the earliest stages of drug discovery for novel or less precedented targets, which likely require an innovative approach, have difficult challenges (e.g. protein production), require in depth structural biology and broad biophysical expertise and, often, a longer time scale. These projects require close alignment to PI’s with deep biology expertise and vital insights. 

Inquiries can be made by emailing CDoT-Collaborate@broadinstitute.org.