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Supporting caregivers

Working Mother magazine named the Broad Institute to its 2020 list of 100 Best Companies for creating a culture that allows all employees to flourish at home and at work. Here, at a glance, are some of the caregiving benefits available to benefits-eligible members of the Broad community.

Becoming a parent

  • Competitive paid parental leave. We grant up to 16 weeks of leave, 12 of them fully paid, to primary caregivers of any gender following the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child. Non-primary caregivers receive up to 4 weeks of paid leave.
  • Adoption assistance. Broad employees may seek reimbursement for up to $5,000 of qualified adoption expenses.

Finding care

  • Child care briefings. To demystify the often daunting task of finding child care, the Broad's work-life office offers monthly on-site briefings on finding and evaluating child care.
  • Personalized care searches. Through our employee assistance program, Broadies can request free, personalized child and elder care searches.
  • Backup care. The Broad partners with to offer caregivers up to 15 days per year of subsidized backup adult or child care.

Paying for care

  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) matching funds. A Dependent Care FSA allows caregivers to pay for the first $5,000 of their annual care expenses with pre-tax income. The Broad Institute contributes $2,000 to each participating Broadie's account.
  • Child care financial assistance. Broadies who meet eligibility criteria may apply for up $7,500 of financial assistance per year to defray the costs of child care.