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Meet our people

Mark Bray - Movie

In focus with Mark-Anthony Bray

Mark-Anthony Bray has always enjoyed working with graphical data and images. He also loves biology, so helping other scientists extract quantitative data from cell images through a program called...

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Melissa Bennion - Movie

In focus with Melissa Bennion

Melissa Bennion knew she wanted to cure cancer -- she just wasn't sure how. Having always loved science, especially biology, Bennion wondered if she should become a doctor or a researcher. When...

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Brian Weiner - Movie

In focus with Brian Weiner

Brian Weiner appreciates the collaborative nature of the Broad Institute's work environment, having been inspired to pursue science after a collaboration between his high school teachers and...

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Cassandra Crawford - Movie

In focus with Cassandra Crawford

Cassandra Crawford is used to being a part of a team. Now a research associate in the Broad's Genomics Platform, Crawford fondly recalls her time as part of the Clark University's swim team...

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Mike Lawrence - Movie

In focus with Mike Lawrence

Michael Lawrence has been obsessed with programming ever since he was a young boy. Also as a child, he fell in love with biology after watching a "NOVA" special on the chemical origins of life...

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Patrick Faloon - Movie

In focus with Patrick Faloon

Patrick Faloon, a research scientist in the Broad Institute's Chemical Biology Platform, works on a wide range of projects, including some related to oncology, diabetes, and infectious...

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Eric Banks - Movie

In focus with Eric Banks

Eric Banks is a computational biologist at the Broad Institute. But for Eric and his team members, problem solving doesn't begin in front of a computer. Instead, they begin by talking to each other and...

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Colm O'Dushlaine - Movie

In focus with Colm O'Dushlaine

Colm O'Dushlaine, a research scientist in the Broad Institute's Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, is a part of collaborations that span the globe. These collaborations vastly expand the sample...

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Monica Schenone - Movie

In focus with Monica Schenone

Monica Schenone is living her dream: performing cutting-edge basic research on small molecules and proteins that may someday have a role in advancing medicine. She is a research scientist in...

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Mike Lewis - Movie

In focus with Mike Lewis

Michael Lewis tests potential new drugs in mouse models of human psychiatric disease. His work helps meet a major challenge of treating psychiatric disease: The field lacks a firm understanding of...

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Susan Abatiello - Movie

In focus with Susan Abatiello

Susan Abbatiello, a research scientist in the Broad Institute's Proteomics Platform, has lived with biomarkers since she was 5 years old. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she grew up...

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 John Doench - Movie

In focus with John Doench

From the moment he stepped into Kendall Square as a prospective MIT graduate student, John Doench knew that it was where he wanted to be. He considers it the "epicenter" of biological research...

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 Damian Young - Movie

In focus with Damian Young

Damian Young always pictured himself becoming a medical doctor when he grew up. But during college, a provocative question from a professor sparked a new interest for him, and set Young on a...

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