Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

At the Broad, computational biology typically involves the development and application of innovative, sophisticated computational methods and tools for data analysis. Bioinformatics addresses data acquisition and management needs, including laboratory information and project management systems, systems for storing and accessing primary data, and data processing and analysis pipelines.

Our computational biologists and bioinformatics analysts apply a variety of skills, such as computer programming, algorithm development, database development, and information systems, to develop efficient analysis tools that identify meaningful patterns in the large amounts of data that are generated through groundbreaking research. We work on very difficult problems that require petabytes of data, but which have the potential to really make a difference in science.

You’ll join an interdisciplinary team of other computational biologists, bioinformatics analysts, software engineers, genome biologists, and clinicians who are working together to identify mutations that lead to human disease.

You’ll be right at home if you are enthusiastic about taking a hands-on, problem-solving approach involving close collaboration with engineers and scientists in an informal, collegial work environment that is infused with intellectual rigor. Individual requirements vary, but the right candidates generally will have outstanding academic records and strong communication skills, will demonstrate innovative and analytical thinking, and will enjoy working on an interdisciplinary team. See what opportunities we have for you to become a Broadie.