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Career Center: Helpful Tips

Computer requirements

The Career Center is supported by the following internet browsers: Internet Exporer 7+, Netscape 8+, Safari 3+, Firefox 2+.

Javascript and cookies must be enabled.

Browsers’ autofill feature

Many internet browsers have an “autofill” function that enables fields to be filled in automatically. When using the Career Center, please do not use this autofill feature, as it causes some menus (for example, the state dropdown menu) to not populate properly. Also, when filling out the application forms, please make sure all fields are selected and/or filled in, including your country of residence.

Uploading your resume

Resumes can be uploaded directly via the Career Center interface. They should be attached as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word document. (Please note: documents formatted in Microsoft Word 2007 or higher will not come through).

Sending a cover letter

If you would like to provide a cover letter, you can attach it as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word document. (Please see the note about file formats under “Uploading your resume”).

However, if you are also submitting your resume as an attachment (e.g., a PDF or MS Word document), please include your cover letter as part of that file. The Career Center currently supports the upload of only one file.

If you have any questions on our Career Center, please contact