Download GenePattern  Print-icon

No download is required to use GenePattern on the Broad public server.

Download and install GenePattern

To install GenePattern on your local machine:

  1. View the installation instructions.
    If you are upgrading an existing GenePattern installation, see the FAQ for the recommended upgrade procedure.
  2. View the release notes.
  3. Download GenePattern 3.9.1 (license).

WAR file installation

The standard installation procedure uses the InstallAnywhere installer. For some installations, this mechanism is not appropriate (for example, when the platform is not supported or if the desire is to install into an existing web server and not use the Apache Tomcat installation created by the installer). In these situations, an alternative is to install GenePattern from a WAR file (Web ARchive), as described in Installing GenePattern from a WAR File.

Source code

Source code for GenePattern is available under the GenePattern software license. Each module has a separate license provided by its author. For access to the source code, email the GenePattern team.

Updated on September 27, 2013 10:55