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CGCA People

CGCA’s diverse team of computational biologists, software engineers, and research scientists designs solutions that help researchers at the Broad and beyond translate genomic data into knowledge that could reveal new opportunities for improving cancer treatment and care.


Gad Getz
Director, CGCA

Chet Birger
Associate Director and Principal Architect

Michael Noble
Associate Director, Data Science

Megan Hanna
Manager of Operations

Eliza Katz
Administrative Assistant

Kara Slowik
Project Manager






Computational Biology

Jaegil Kim
Ignaty Leshchiner
Chip Stewart
Francois Aguet
Aaron Graubert
Hailei Zhang
Xiao Li
Dimitri Livitz
Daniel Rosebrock
Andrew Dunford
Julian Hess

Research Scientists

Liza Leshchiner
Kirsten Kubler
Nicholas Haradhvala

Software Engineering

Eddie Salinas
Ruslana Frazer
Kane Hadley
David Heiman
Sam Meier
Duyen Nguyen

Postdoctoral Scholars and Associates

Esther Rheinbay
Keren Yizhak
Rotem Ben-Hamo Deutsch
Whijae Roh
Yifat Geffen