Cancer Therapeutics Discovery

Despite the incredible progress in mapping cancer genomes and annotating cancer gene function, a number of challenges (in technology, biology, chemistry, and financial incentive structure) currently impede the rapid translation of cancer genome science into cancer genome-inspired medicine. Overcoming these challenges will require highly innovative approaches and the exploration of uncharted territory. Our overarching goal is to develop great answers and general solutions to these challenges, and to facilitate the development of therapeutics directed at biological targets identified through research into the genetics of cancer.

To achieve these goals, our efforts include both development of transformative methods and execution of specific drug discovery projects. We are developing new methodologies for massive-scale screening of gene expression and integrating this into early-stage, high-throughput testing of drug candidates. By working to target both the mutations and molecular pathways that drive cancer but which currently lack directed therapies – as well as novel, unprecedented targets – we hope to facilitate development of many effective therapeutic agents.


Results and data from our many projects can be accessed via Broad Data, Software and Tools.