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Broad cancer research includes efforts to decipher the genetic and molecular landscape of a wide range of cancer and immune cells as well as equally systematic genome-wide approaches to interrogate the function of cancer genes and the vulnerabilities of tumors. In partnership with colleagues within academia and industry, Broad cancer researchers develop breakthrough technologies to drive discoveries of new drug targets and potential therapies, and generate systematic strategies for predicting therapeutic combinations to combat resistance.

The Broad’s interdisciplinary scientific community shares cancer data and ideas freely. This scientific culture propels us to overcome key challenges in cancer biology and cancer therapeutics via both individual and large-scale collaborative research projects that leverage the potent synergy between innovation and scale. As described herein, key areas of focus for Broad cancer researchers include the following: creating a Tumor Atlas and Cancer Dependency Map, enhancing Cancer Genome Interpretation, driving Cancer Therapeutics Discovery, and identifying Combination Therapies to Overcome Resistance.

By working together with a wide array of partners, such as scientists and clinicians in academia and industry, cancer patients and advocates, and philanthropists, we aim to rapidly propel scientific discoveries. Our goal is to accelerate the discovery of cancer cures by overcoming key bottlenecks and catalyzing worldwide research efforts.