Timeline of activities

BTI timeline year 1


Convening community, developing roadmap

BTI timeline year 2


Continue community building via workstream projects; build plan for "roadmap"

BTI timeline Year 3


Continue ongoing and new workstreams

BTI timeline 4


Ramp up BTI operations

The Broad hosted the first BTI convening meeting on October 12, 2022, to kick off the pilot and engage current and new collaborators. More than 60 attendees from across the U.S. joined in Cambridge for a day-long scientific gathering that included a series of talks and small group conversations with current leaders in the field and potential new collaborators from adjacent, relevant areas. The event was planned to ensure that the voices of all participants were heard—a crucial step in creating the truly inclusive culture the BTI aspires to foster.  

In January 2023, BTI announced its first Request for Proposals (RFP) to engage a diverse community of researchers working in the following fields: Neurobiology/Organismal Biology; Pediatric Trauma; Genomics, Biobanks & Cohort Studies; and, Community Building, Engagement & Diversity. We aim to learn from these exploratory and pilot projects from a diverse field of expertise and experiences what areas are ripe for further investigation in a long-term effort based at the Broad Institute.

  • Years 1 and 2 are focused on engaging with potential collaborators, including those who may bring new perspectives to the study of trauma. In addition, BTI will identify significant gaps in current data, explore the possibility of new direct-to-patient recruitment, and support innovative neurobiology pilot projects in pediatric trauma; neurobiology and organismal biology; genomics and biobanks; and diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Years 3 and 4 will focus on conducting analyses and sharing our results. Most importantly, in these latter years, we will be building the foundation for a longer-term effort by articulating and finalizing our roadmap, establishing enduring partnerships with catalyst funding for new collaborations, recruiting key personnel, and, in collaboration with the ACE Resource Network (ARN), building out a website to share data, findings, and other resources with the broader scientific community and the public.