2015 Broad Summer Scholars

Created cell lines lacking the gene CBL, with the goal of better understanding the role played by this gene in the growth of cancer cells.

Investigated the regulation of non-coding RNA transcripts in hippocampal cells, which play a role in the biology of many major neurological diseases.

Used the ATLANTIS algorithm on Project Achilles data to explore interactions among the genomic attributes of cancer cell lines.

Confirmed the association of two chromatin regulators and was able to validate antibodies against these chromatin regulators via Western Blot Assays.

Developed software analysis methods to improve our understanding of kinases.

Analyzed DNA reads from healthy human microbial samples to study the function and diversity of human microbiota.

Studied medulloblastomas to determine whether the PIK3 pathway was involved in drug-resistance in brain cancer cells.

Investigated ideal conditions for using the genetic engineering tool called CRISPR-Cas9 technology to alter the DNA of breast cancer cells.

Tested pico-injection techniques to encapsulate e. coli cells into microscopic droplets, with the goal of studying single cells at the individual level.

Demonstrated the usefulness of the single-quadrupole mass spectrometer for metabolomics research.

Developed methods for the high-throughput generation of cell lines with targeted reporters of gene expression.

Investigated potential chemical substrates of UFL1, an E3 Ligase related to schizophrenia.

Searched for the causes of JQ1-resistance acquisition by brain cancer cells.