Frequently Asked Questions about BSRP

When does the BSRP program begin and end?
The 2024 BSRP program begins on Monday, June 3rd, and ends on Friday, August 2nd. Students will need to arrive in Cambridge by Sunday, June 2th. 


What is the Broad Institute?
The Broad Institute is a nonprofit biomedical research enterprise that is empowering a revolution in biomedicine to accelerate the pace at which the world conquers disease. An "experiment" in a collaborative model for doing science, the Broad brings together researchers in biology, chemistry, medicine, computer science, and engineering from Harvard, MIT, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals. Learn more about us


How is BSRP different from other summer research programs?
In addition to offering original, cutting-edge research projects, BSRP features a highly supportive career development component, a rigorous scientific communication curriculum, and an emphasis on collaborative approaches to learning and scientific discovery. BSRP also features sessions on topics that address diversity and inclusion in the sciences.


What responsibilities do students have outside of the lab?
In addition to conducting research, students participate in an intensive weekly scientific communication course and a structured curriculum focused on career development. Our career development component includes weekly faculty seminars and sessions on the graduate school application process. It also includes team-building and social activities organized by the BSRP staff. On average, students will spend about 10-15 percent of their time in the program outside of the lab.


Can students take courses over the summer or work in addition to BSRP? 
No, BSRP is full-time and we expect that program participants will not have other commitments. Participants cannot be enrolled in other courses, programs, including but not limited to undergraduate classes, graduate admission prep courses (e.g., MCAT), etc., and/or employed outside this program.


Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Have a strong interest in pursuing graduate school
  • Be enrolled in a four-year college in the United States for Fall 2023 (rising sophomore by the time of the program), with a graduation date of December 2024 or later
  • Be majoring in the physical, biological, or computer sciences, engineering, or mathematics
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
I am graduating in May 2024, can I still participate in BSRP? 
No, BSRP is restricted to non-graduating students (graduation date of December 2024 or later). If you're interested in biomedical research at the Broad after graduation, check out our post-baccalaureate training program.


Is prior research experience required?
No previous research experience is required for admission to BSRP.


Do students receive compensation?
Yes. Students receive a stipend of $5,400.00. The program also covers the cost of housing, round-trip airfare to Boston, sponsorship to present Broad research at conferences, and some meals that coincide with breakfast or dinner time sessions.


My school is on a quarter-based system and will not end until after the start of BSRP. Can I join the program late?
BSRP staff can proctor exams for any student with scheduling conflicts.  Because of the importance of orientation activities, we do not allow students to arrive late.


I have to be away during some period of the summer. Can I still participate?
While a number of weekends are free, some BSRP activities do take place on weekends. Students are expected to be here during the week and on weekends when BSRP activities are scheduled. Upon submitting your application, please discuss any scheduling conflicts with our staff.


Whom should I ask for letters of recommendation?
Letters of recommendation should be from mentors, faculty, and/or teachers who can attest to your research skills, commitment to pursuing a research career, and passion for learning, in addition to addressing any intellectual and personal traits that make you a great candidate for a summer research program. We don't have specific requirements but recommend choosing a research supervisor, if available.


How are research projects assigned?
Research projects are assigned based on the scientific interests, skill sets, and level of experience of each student. Students will have the opportunity to describe their research interests and goals in the BSRP application.


Where can students find information about previous BSRP projects?
Profiles of former participants and their research projects are available on the BSRP site. Information about Broad research programs can be found on the institute's scientific areas page.


When is the application deadline?
The application deadline for BSRP is January 10th, 2024.


What is required for the application?
A complete BSRP application will include:

  • Online application form
  • Unofficial transcripts from current and previously attended undergraduate institutions combined into one .pdf document
  • Resume or C.V.
  • Short essay responses
  • Two letters of recommendation


When will students be notified about selections?
Applicants will be notified by email as decisions are made. All decisions will be made by mid-March.

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