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Charting the Epigenome with ChIP

The presentations below were filmed during the 2013 Charting the Epigenome with ChIP workshop, part of the BroadE Workshop series.

This workshop focused on ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation), a very powerful technique that enables the localization of proteins on DNA throughout the genome. The ChIP technique can be used in any area of research to further elucidate gene function and regulation. Speakers discussed the application of ChIP to the genome-wide localization of DNA binding proteins, transcription factors, chromatin modifying enzymes, and histone modifications, and how these methods have contributed to our understanding of human health and disease.

6/3/13 Chromatin maps and functional DNA elements Noam Shoresh Video  
6/3/13 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation - theory, practice, and variants Charles Epstein Video  
6/3/13 Using GUI for ChIP-seq analyses - from alignment of raw reads to computational data evaluation Alon Goren Video