BroadE: Statistical Genetics

The presentations below were filmed during the September 2013 Statistical Genetics Workshop, part of the BroadE Workshop series.

This workshop provides an introduction to the basic principles of statistical genetic analysis. This course is targeted for individuals who are interested in learning the basics of genetic analysis. Specific areas of focus for the course include: study design considerations for genetic association tests, quality control (QC) procedures for genetic data, basic analysis of genome-wide association SNP data, and introduction to rare variant testing approaches.

The workshop blended lectures introducing each of these topics and then hands-on practical application, in particular for QC and common variant analysis. 

09/27/13 Introduction to the biometrical model and GWAS technology Benjamin Neale Video Workshop Materials
09/27/13 Plink and QC and Practical Verneri Anttila Video  
09/27/13 Population stratification Taru Tukiainen Video  
09/27/13 Association testing  Chris Cotsapas Video  
09/27/13 Meta-analysis Daniel Howrigan Video  
09/27/13 Rare variants Kaitlin E. Samocha Video