BroadE: Quantitive Proteomics in Biology, Chemistry and Medicine

In this November 2016 BroadE workshop, members of the Proteomics Platform provided biologists, chemical biologists and clinicians with a working knowledge of the most relevant proteomic technologies and data analysis methods and described how these methods are being applied in a wide range of collaborative research at Broad.

Part 1

  Introduction Steve Carr PDF Video
  Overview of the Proteomics Platform and Fundamentals of Peptide and Protein Mass Spectrometry   Karl Clauser PDF
  ​Applications of Quantitative Discovery Proteomics in Biology and Medicine Namrata Udeshi
Philipp Mertins
PDF (Part 1)
PDF (Part 2)


  Statistical Analysis for Proteomics and Proteogenomics D.R. Mani PDF  

Part 2

  Affinity-enrichment Proteomics: Applications in Chemistry and Biology Monica Schenone PDF Video
  Building Interactive Data Analysis Tools Karsten Krug PDF  
  Targeted MS and its Application in Biology and Medicine Hasmik Keshishian
Jake Jaffe