BroadE: FireCloud Workshop for Tool Developers

The presentations below were filmed during the August 2016 FireCloud Workshop for Tool Developers, part of the BroadE Workshop series.

FireCloud is a cancer genome analysis platform with co-located TCGA data. Modeled after the Broad Institute’s Firehose analysis infrastructure, FireCloud democratizes data access and facilitates collaboration by providing a robust, scalable platform accessible to the community at large. Using the elastic compute capacity of Google Cloud, FireCloud empowers analysts, tool developers, and production managers to perform large-scale analysis, engage in data curation, and store or publish results.

Users can upload their own analysis methods to the FireCloud Method Repository or run the Broad Institute’s best practice tools and pipelines. FireCloud also includes pre-loaded workspaces with curated TCGA data and results that users can clone.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce tool developers to the FireCloud environment through hands-on exercises. We will introduce core FireCloud concepts such as the workspace data model, method configs, and billing projects. In addition, we will cover the steps needed to upload tools to FireCloud, and provide an overview of Docker and Workflow Description Language (WDL).

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with bioinformatics tools and command-line interfaces. We will send out software installation instructions ahead of the workshop.

August 12 Part 1 Video
August 12 Part 2 Video
August 12 Part 3 Video