Low Input Whole Genome Library Construction

Input Requirement(s)
1ng genomic DNA at a concentration of 0.1ng/ul in 10ul of DNA

Batch Size(s): 96 samples or 384 samples

Our Low Input Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) LC method is designed to deliver libraries for genome sequencing at low cost, with relatively low input and in large batches. It is ideal for metagenomic samples or for organisms with microbial-sized genomes (~5-50Mb). We leverage nanofluidic liquid dispensing technologies to prepare Nextera-based Ilumina libraries from picogram-scale input of genomic DNA. The resulting sequence data are ideally suited for applications such as whole genome metagenomic analysis and variant detection in microbial genomes. However, we do not recommend the use of our Low Input WGS libraries for applications where the goal is to assemble highly contiguous, reference quality genomes (for such applications, please inquire about our Pacific Biosciences Small Genome Assembly and Annotation service).