Low-input Eukaryotic Smart-seq2

Input Requirement(s)
Single cells, cell lysates, or RNA prepared according to our guidelines

Batch Size(s):  24 samples or 96 samples

Our implementation of Smart-seq2 supports full-length transcript sequencing from low input or single cells. While several methods exist for constructing full-length cDNAs from large amounts of RNA, it is still challenging to obtain robust transcriptome data from low RNA input without sacrificing full-length transcript coverage. This method (based on modified versions of the techniques described in Picelli et. al., 2013 and Picelli et. al., 2014) improves detection and coverage by enabling full-length transcriptional profiling through optimized reverse transcription, template switching and pre-amplification to increase both yield and length of cDNA inserts generated from low amounts of input RNA or single cells.