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Broad Discovery Series

The Broad Discovery Series (formerly known as Science For All Seasons) brings researchers to the stage to discuss and answer questions about some of the most pressing topics in science and medicine today. Held in-person and virtually at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, these free public events explore the genetic and biological roots of human health and disease, the mechanisms that govern how our cells and bodies function, new technologies that are changing what's possible in science, and the progress being made to translate these findings into treatments for common and rare diseases.

Teens and adults interested in biomedical research, the intersection of computer science and biology, and the future of medicine are all welcome to join these exciting discussions.

The Broad Discovery Series is a program of the Broad Discovery Center, an active, public educational space that showcases how researchers at the Broad Institute and their colleagues around the world are tackling some of the toughest questions in biomedicine, gaining a deeper understanding of human health and disease, and translating that insight into new approaches for treatments. Learn more about the Broad Discovery Center at


Inaugural Talk

Tuesday, November 15, 5:00-6:00pm
Taking an engineer's approach to understanding biology
Paul Blainey and Alex Shalek

The next breakthrough in science often comes from looking at a problem from a new angle and with new facts. In the inaugural talk of the Broad Discovery Series, Paul Blainey and Alex Shalek will share how taking an engineering approach can allow scientists to make new types of biological measurements that help answer important questions about cells and tissues, and can yield new, otherwise unseeable perspectives about how living systems work.

This Broad Discovery Series talk will be held both in person and virtually. Those attending in person are invited to a reception in the Broad Discovery Center following the talk to celebrate the launch of both the Center and the new series.