Sneak preview of “Miniature science - How microfluidics is powering biology”

Haley Bridger, July 5th, 2012

Each summer, the Broad Institute holds a free, public lecture series at 7 Cambridge Center in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. This year, visitors will hear about the power of a tiny chip, new ways to investigate the inner-workings of the brain, the regenerative feats of flatworms, and the genomic differences that underlie our health and biology. You can find the full schedule and register for the series here.

We caught up with Paul Blainey earlier this week to get a sneak preview of his upcoming Midsummer Nights’ Science lecture, which he will give on July 11. Paul’s talk will be about a suite of miniaturized, lab-on-a-chip technologies that could mark a renaissance or industrial revolution (or both!) in the study of biology. Listen to Paul’s brief description of this new technology in the video below and if you’re in town, be sure to register for his lecture and others in the series here (and if you’re not in the Cambridge area, follow along at #broadtalks Wednesday night or watch the full video which will be posted on our site  the following week).

Update July 10, 2012: Thanks to all who have registered for this year's Midsummer Nights' Science series! Please note that all of the lectures for the 2012 series are now at capacity, but if you are interested in following along, you can follow us on twitter @broadinstitute -- we will be live tweeting, using the hashtag #broadtalks. All videos from the series will also be posted on the Midsummer Nights' Science web site.

Update July 16, 2012: Paul Blainey's lecture is now available on our site and on YouTube -- enjoy!

Video courtesy of Lars-Erik Siren, Broad Communications